Central Partakes in Read Across America Day

By Emily Money

“Read Across America Day” started March off with a positive beginning here at Central on Monday, March 4.

This day was a part of an initiative to promote reading by the National Education Association. It is held every year to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2, or the closest school day to that date. Almost 3.2 million Americans annually participate by picking up a good book and reading.

At Central, this “holiday” was celebrated by twenty minutes of reading in the beginning of each class. This reprieve was much enjoyed by most. Kristen Bramwell, English Department Head, stated, “I think Read Across America Day was a great success in that students and teachers were given the opportunity to read what they enjoy.”

Students enjoyed the opportunity as well.

“I liked it,” said freshman Erica Meyers. “In high school, students are typically so overloaded with other work, it was nice to be able to just relax and sit down with a book that we actually chose. I think it was an incredible idea.

As March is nationally considered reading month, students should expect reading to be promoted all month long. However, this is hardly a bad thing. Reading is proven beneficial for many things, such as to improve attention and focus, prompt creativity, and expand vocabulary.

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