America headed for demise

By Alex Hunt

The United States is undergoing a steady economic recovery. Yet, it is an artificial, temporary recovery that will only hold recession at bay until the dam breaks and the waters of depression and uncertainty flood American life.

America fell into recession in 2008; many people lost jobs and it became difficult to sell houses and maintain a steady income. American politicians came up with an ignorant solution to swing us back into a thriving economic nation. They began printing a lot of money to pay off debts and give to big corporations like media and our automotive companies. The biggest reason why America is not experiencing economic depression right now is because our government is continually spoon-feeding our economy with more and more money.

The U.S. dollar is something known as “the World’s Reserve Currency.” It is important to understand what the World’s Reserve Currency is. Gasoline, oil, and many other things including clothing, furniture, cars, and electronics are priced throughout the world in the World’s Reserve Currency. The World’s Reserve Currency was the shilling for 200 years before American currency became more widely used, and took over the shilling’s World’s Reserve Currency status.

If you’re a German and you want to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, you can’t pay for it in German marks or euros because the oil is priced in dollars, so you have to buy dollars first, then your oil. Germans must produce as much as they consume from around the world. If they don’t, then the value of their currency will drop, forcing them to pay more money for fewer dollars.

A vast majority of countries need to have reserves of American money so they can pay for commodities. We don’t have to produce and export anything because we don’t need anyone to pay us in American dollars. We don’t need reserves of American money. All the money we have is American dollars, and we can print American dollars. We have as many American dollars as we want, and our government absolutely takes advantage of this.

This method of printing money to take care of financial problems only positions America in the scope of a rifle, and the longer we remain here, the harder it will become to dodge the bullet, and at any moment the man holding the gun can pull the trigger. There is a specific event in our time that represents the pull on the trigger of this rifle. This event will stop us from being able to print money. The event is the end of the U.S. dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

If the United States hits its debt ceiling and the dollar losses its status as the World’s Reserve Currency, everyone in America will have to pay more money for everything. Everything will cost twice as much as it does now, and some people in America won’t even accept American currency. Instead they will demand oil, gold, gas, or food.

The debt ceiling is the maximum amount of money that our government is allowed to be in debt. America is predicted to hit this debt ceiling on February 7. If we exceed this debt ceiling, then we have to default on our debt. In other words, we will be forced to shut down the government and admit to the world that we will never pay anyone the money we owe them. This will trigger the end of the United States dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency. But that won’t happen, because once again our politicians have an excellent plan to evade the consequences of their actions. America can just raise the debt ceiling! Politicians can just raise the debt ceiling forever, and keep going into debt, with no repercussions, and we have for years, until now. Everything is totally fine, for now.

Countries around the world are not going to be happy with us if they find out we never plan to pay them back. It’s surprised it’s gone on this long. The world is liable to demand the money we owe them. But other countries are not stupid; they already know we can’t pay them what we owe. That leaves them one other option. They will stop excepting American dollars. The world knows if they stop excepting American dollars we will no longer have the ability to print money. It will force us to begin working towards actually making a profit as a nation, something every other nation in the world struggles to do every day. It will force America to take responsibility for everything we have ever paid for with printed money.

We can already see faith in the U.S. dollar decreasing. China is quickly turning all of its American currency reserves into gold. Several countries in the Middle East and Asia have pacts to begin accepting each other’s currencies, instead of dollars. Government leaders around the world are trying to decrease the amount of dollars they have, and increase the amount of precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, gas, and oil in their possession.

The world is preparing itself for the collapse of the American economy, and the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. There is no way to predict the magnitude of the consequences Americans will face, or when we will face them. But one thing is absolutely certain, debts do not disappear. Americans will have less food, less money, less freedom, and less safety when the economic collapse hits. You owe it to yourself to be prepared for whatever happens.

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