Is staying home for college or going away the best option for you?


By: Erin Pratt

One thing on seniors minds as the year goes on is what they will be doing after graduation. Some have big dreams of going far away to college. but others are more willing to stay close to home and save some money.

“Going to OCC for two years and then transferring to a bigger college is my plan,” senior Cassie Myers said. “You can take the same classes at OCC that you can at a University for less money,” she continues.

Others don’t mind spending the extra money and want to go to a four-year college or university right after high school ends. Senior Olivia Orr is planning on going to MSU in the fall of 2018. “I worked hard to get into the university of my choice and I want to experience all four years there,” she explained. Going away to college gives kids the opportunity to grow as individuals without being under the watch of their parents at every moment of the day so some want to start that as soon as possible.

Senior Jessica Kreuzer earned a scholarship to play softball at Saginaw Valley State University when she was a junior. “Because I was given money to go away to school, that’s what I’ll be doing,” she said. Many student athletes are going away to school right after they graduate, because that is when their scholarships will be valid.

College is an expensive part in life and in this day and age it’s a necessity. Saving money is top priority for most students and families and OCC is usually the way to go. Getting your pre-requisites can be done at a University or at OCC for less money. The decision lies with the student and what they think is best for themselves.

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