Ferguson painting causes controversy

A painting called Untitled #1, done by Missouri high school student David Pulphus, won a national contest and its place inside Capitol Hill since June 2016. Due to the highly symbolic and obvious messages in the painting (pictured at left), the painting has sparked huge controversies among leaders at Capitol Hill, with many, like Rep. Duncan Hunter, wanting to remove the painting from its spot in the halls of the building, and others, like Rep. William Lacy Clay, wanting to keep it there.

Top 10 movies of 2016

2016 has come to a close and it is safe to say that this has been, .as far as movies go, pretty disappointing. Many of the most notable films that people were looking forward to this year, i.e Batman V. Superman and Girl on a Train, didn’t end up being the great films that we had hoped they would be. However, despite the vast sea of disappointment that that this year has produced, there have been some good films that are worth noting. Here they are:

Trump assembles cabinet

With President Elect Donald Trump set to be inaugurated in just over a week, he has begun to assemble his cabinet. While most of his appointments seem like normal candidates for their designated roles, other have left the media and voters confused.

Flint without water for over a year

Flint’s water is still not safe. It has been two years since the issue was recognized and although water levels are improving, residents are still choosing bottled water over tap. It’s important to remember that Flint still has a lot to improve on until people are able to feel safe about using their water.

Stay safe by driving sober

It is Homecoming night and everyone is pumped to take pictures, dance with friends, and to attend the after party. It is high school, everyone is bound to make mistakes, to make wrong decisions, and to learn from them. Unless it is too late.