Trump assembles cabinet

With President Elect Donald Trump set to be inaugurated in just over a week, he has begun to assemble his cabinet. While most of his appointments seem like normal candidates for their designated roles, other have left the media and voters confused.

Flint without water for over a year

Flint’s water is still not safe. It has been two years since the issue was recognized and although water levels are improving, residents are still choosing bottled water over tap. It’s important to remember that Flint still has a lot to improve on until people are able to feel safe about using their water.

Stay safe by driving sober

It is Homecoming night and everyone is pumped to take pictures, dance with friends, and to attend the after party. It is high school, everyone is bound to make mistakes, to make wrong decisions, and to learn from them. Unless it is too late.

Post-election protest occur around the country and WLC

Unlike previous years, this election cycle has been a particularly unpopular one. Voters, both Republican and Democrat, believe that they have been forced to choose from a pool of seemingly unqualified presidential candidates. However, as we neared election day, differences between the two groups could not seem greater and rather than being a time for Americans to express their democratic ideals, it has been a foul and divisive experience. For some people, the results of the election has affected them far more than others and reactions have presented themselves accordingly. Members of multiple movements adversely affected have taken to the streets in anti-Trump protests.

Standing still at Standing Point

The people of Michigan know first hand how vital clean water is. With Flint in such close proximity, students from Walled Lake Central understand that there is a problem with drinking water, not just in developing countries, but in our “backyards” too.

Different opinions form after presidential election

2016 brought one of the most divisive presidential elections in our country’s history. After the results of the election were announced, it got even worse. Our country became divided: friendships ended and family members stopped talking to each other. Bridges were burned and gaps were created among Americans over one thing: differing opinions.

Stop gossip and be a part of the solution to the problem of bullying

High school. Hallways filled with a mass of people. A lot them we don’t know, but pretend to; hearing whispered words between people; multitudes of secrets and rumors. We think that these things will never have an effect on the person that we’re talking about, that they’ll never get back to them, but the problem is, is that they do. Every day, walking down the hallways, if you just happen to listen as you walk past others, chances are you will hear someone talking about someone else. It’s practically an epidemic.