Stay safe by driving sober

By Maddy Grady

It is Homecoming night and everyone is pumped to take pictures, dance with friends, and to attend the after party. It is high school, everyone is bound to make mistakes, to make wrong decisions, and to learn from them. Unless it is too late.

Year after year, students attend alcohol and drug awareness assemblies and are told multiple times not to do any illegal substances, but for some reason most of them are intrigued by them and give into temptation.

Many upperclassmen and a few underclassmen have been given the privilege of receiving a license and a car for their 16th birthdays. Yet, this privilege is taken for granted by so many teens. A clear abuse of this privilege is getting into a car with a driver who has been drinking. Parents and teachers constantly warn students: “Don’t drink and drive!” “It’s dangerous!” “Be safe. Be smart.” They are right. They know what is best. Drinking and driving is not only a danger to the people who have stupidly made the decision to get into the car, but a danger to every single driver on the road.

Alcohol is alcohol, whether it’s one drink or five. Alcohol affects the mind no matter how much is ingested, so when someone says they “are fine enough to drive” do not believe them. No one wants to hurt the people they love, but by drinking and driving that is exactly what will happen. Getting in a car drunk will lead to injuring and even killing innocent people, and that is going to hurt the people you love. Getting in a car accident with friends in the car and them getting injured or killed is going to hurt the people you love. And the day you go to jail for manslaughter, you are hurting the people you love. Don’t hurt the people you love and don’t hurt yourself. Be smart, and drive sober.