Senior year is a blur- Quarter of the way done already

By Renata Terrazzan 

The arrival of November means that two months of school has already gone by. That may not mean much to all the staff, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, who have many months or even years to go; but to seniors, it means that they are one fourth of the way through their last year of high school ever.

This evokes strong emotions on all spectrums of the scale. There are some whose high school experience is straight out of Pretty in Pink and have powered through these four years with every ounce of strength they had. Then there are those that can’t wait to get out from under their parent’s roof and finally have the freedom to do everything- and I mean everything – without their watchful eyes. There are some that can’t wait to follow their path and leave their own footsteps in the world. Then there are some who follow in the footsteps of Grease and are not yet ready to move on and leave their old life behind.

Regardless of how seniors see the future, they all are realizing how close that future is. Over the first two months of the school year, that has meant struggling to finish the pressing college applications, looking deep within themselves to find that perfect essay topic, racking their brain in hopes of remembering anything that would help boost their chances of getting into college, and even dressing up in order to impress the college reps and nail the interviews.

Besides thinking about and taking steps toward the future, seniors have been going through many “lasts.” Their last football game was against Hartland on October 21, their last Homecoming was on October 8, their last pep rally was on October 7, and for many seniors it is the last time they will do what they love, whether it be play their sport surrounded by their best friends for the past four years or share the stage with their favorite people.

At this time, they reflect on the past four years, some completely satisfied with all that they’ve done, and others regretting all that they didn’t. But regardless of what Breakfast Club character they are, they all feel the urgency of all these “lasts” pressing upon them, urging them to make the rest of this year the best one yet.