Students search for college roommates

By Erika Greco

The search for the ideal college roommate…where do you start?  Is it better to go in blind, find a friend that you know you would get along with, or research for compatibility through social networking?  All choices do have their perks, but they may not be the right option for you.

The idea of going in blind is intimidating.  There’s the possibility that you won’t get along so well.  But then again, with good luck, you could find your best friend or even someone to stand up in your wedding.

“Your roommate is the first person you meet, and they’re the ones you do everything with, and I’m scared that I will be paired with someone that is anti-social,” explained senior Krista Fog who chose to go in blind next fall to Michigan Tech.  “The true struggle with going in blind is you never know what you’re going to get,” she explained.

The solution to the problems that arise with going in blind seem simple, right?  Go in with a friend.  Sure, you have had sleepovers and spent a few days with them at a time, so naturally it will work perfectly! But, success is not always easy.  Living with someone you know for a whole year can be entirely different.  Senior Katie Penrod chose this route when committing to the University of Michigan.

“I’m going in with someone I don’t hang out with a lot outside of school, but I know we’re very compatible,” she said.    “It gives me a sense of comfort to know I’m rooming with someone that I’m familiar with,” Penrod explained.

Senior Emily Buscemi had similar thoughts when choosing her roommate.  “Going in with someone that I can rely on and trust is what reassured me that I made the right decision,” she explained.

The internet over the years has made finding a roommate convenient and easy.  Universities like Michigan State have websites like iLiveon and Facebook pages that allow you to communicate with others and share information about yourself to successfully find your perfect match.

“It was so easy, and the people we found were so nice and they responded quickly,” said senior Emmi Lawless who found her suitemates for Central Michigan University through one of their online compatibility programs.

The search for a roommate can be a long one.  But with the right tools, and proper guidance, it can all workout in the end.

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