UM vs. MSU rivalry heats up between soon-to-be students

By Krista Fog

For the past four years, seniors have been on the same team, enjoying Maize Crazes and football games together. However, now that they are about to graduate, these memorable events are coming to an end and the seniors will all be going their separate ways. Not only will some no longer root for the same team – they may in fact root for rival teams.

Michigan is the home of dozens of great colleges, but it’s no secret that the big-name universities like the University of Michigan (U of M) and Michigan State University (MSU) are highly appealing to high school seniors and have the most intense rivalries. The WLC seniors attending one of these schools, once in union, will now be “friendly” rivals at school functions.

WLC senior twins Blair and Taylor Whittington will be taking part in this rivalry. While Taylor will attend MSU, Blair will be attending U of M this fall.

“I think that the rivalry will be especially strong right around game days which require the two schools to verse each other,” said B. Whittington. “Taylor and I are very close, but I think that the rivalry will stand as a fun reminder of the pride that students at both schools have for their own schools.”

According to students currently enrolled in these universities, the competition between the two benefits both individuals and friendships between students of the opposite school.

“Having best friends that go to a rival school is awesome because you have a healthy rivalry that pushes both schools to be better,” explained WLC class of 2013 alumna and MSU freshman Carly Head. “While doing so, we are having fun and still being able to maintain a good relationship with the other school.”

With dozens of WLC graduating seniors attending both universities, they are sure to have a great college experience to fighting with and against friends with whom they used to attend to high school.

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