America’s fascination with pop culture takes it’s toll

By Dominique Tyus

Obama hosting the Ukraine Prime Minister or a Texas teen gets an NFL cheerleader for a prom date.  Which one do you know more about? In today’s world, social media and pop culture seem to get all the attention while domestic issues, foreign affairs, and even wars don’t seem to interest people, but rather a celebrity going to the gas station does.

Even though the media highlights politics and other world problems, it never really is the focal point for the media frenzy. These always take a backseat to the celebrity who got arrested or the celebrity who went to rehab for their drug addiction.  It never gets the concern it needs to get from people.

We should worry because it shows that America won`t be “the land of opportunity” anymore because of this pop culture attraction. If it continues with this blind focus then it will eventually crumble into itself.

People should give their attention to Democrats pushing for Obamacare changes; legislation aimed at fixing parts of Obamacare amid concerns the law could cost Democrats House seats and possibly the Senate in November; or that the recent mudslide in Washington features a rising death toll of 17 with 90 missing victims.

Changes on healthcare should be a burning concern because it involves you and the health of your loved ones. The mudslide should hold concern because it shows how vulnerable our country really is. And we as people should sympathize with the others who lost their lives or who have lost their loved ones because it could have been us or our kin.

Human concerns do ultimately far outweigh the trivial celebrity nonsense we all pay attention to and that it is time we woke up.

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