Flower-giving: outdated gimmick or perfectly rosy trend?

By Rebecca Noeske

Flower-giving: what some view as a creative and unique way to display their feelings, others consider to be cheap, allergy inducing, overrated attempts at displaying cheesy affections for not-so-significant others. Central students share their opinions on the time-old tradition of giving and receiving flowers.

“I personally think flower-giving is a little ridiculous, especially at our school,” said senior Taylor Michels. “I feel like people spend way too much money for puny little flowers that are most likely going to die within a few days.”

However, senior Rachel Matties feels very differently. “Flowers are fun! Not just to give, but to receive. I think it brightens everyone’s day to receive flowers.”
Then of course there is the issue of allergies. Are flowers truly worth a potential, unforeseen allergy attack?
“First of all, I’ve never even met someone who is really allergic to flowers,” said Matties. “And generally, if someone is going to give someone flowers, they know the person well enough to know if they are allergic or not.”
Which brings us to the issue of, do you really need to give someone flowers to prove that you care about them? Shouldn’t that be made clear without material gifts?
“I like my friends, I really do,” said senior Jeremy Lipshaw. “But I like my money too, and I’m not about to waste it just to prove that I care about my friends.”
“It’s not about proving that you care,” said Matties. “It’s just a nice thing to do for someone.”

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