Flower Bulb Sale to Send Students to France

By Alexandra Smith

Look out France and London in 2014! Central students are selling flower bulbs to save up to go for their European trip.  Anyone can order the bulbs via a website and they will be shipped starting April 1 to your door step.  This fundraiser is going on until they go on the trip.

Visit this website to check out the flower bulbs:  http://www.flowerpowerfundraising.com/campaign?campaign_id=14590&user_campaign_id=349005.  Just give your information when you order your favorite flower bulb.  All the flowers are priced well for what they are.

It’s a good way to raise money for the expensive trip in two years to London and France, the outcome of what the students buy will be amazing and beautiful.  The cost is around $3000 but includes plane ticket and everything.  Students will also need to have spending money if they want anything extra.

Freshman Krystal Johnson said of the sale, “It seems like great idea actually.  Students would buy their moms or girlfriends or something, I think that was a good idea. I would want to buy one!”

Freshman Michelle Vitello explained, “It interests many people and will take them far, I hope they make the money for the trip…I know how expensive it is, I went to Spain through the school.  I’m saving up for the next time junior year…right now.”

A lot of people would buy these and many already have.  The word needs to get out.  Tell everyone about Central’s amazing fundraiser for flower bulbs.

Yes, the weather is still not as warm what everyone wants.  It will get there…April showers bring May flowers and now you will have a flower bulb.

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