The Call compiles a list of some of the cutest Prom Proposals

By Erika Greco

With flowers, candy, balloons, big posters, and grand gestures, “promposals” have swept Central off its feet as prom season approaches.  The guys have stepped up their game and the proposals continue to grow more and more extravagant.Numerous pictures have been plastered all over social media and have virtually taken over Twitter timelines.

A poster that reads “PROM?” presented with a bouquet of flowers would normally be considered every girl’s dream, right? But now it has become the go-to way to ask your date. Some Central students have thought way outside the box and gone above and beyond the normal.

Senior Mike Hall made his proposal more or less a production.  A love letter was handed to his girlfriend, senior Hannah Grube, in the last moments of the school day.  As she left class, she followed a trail of paper arrows stuck to the ground and walls that led her to the big surprise.  A huge banner was hung at the front of the school reading, “You found your first stop, make your second.  Prom with…” followed by more arrows pointing to Mike with a bouquet of flowers.

“When I walked down the hall following the arrows, I got really excited, my heart was racing, and my face got really red,” explained Grube.  “When I saw him, I didn’t even read the sign until after I said yes.”

For senior Heather Martin, the promposal of her dreams exceeded her expectations. During her first hour, a video was unexpectedly played where a mystery man appeared holding signs covering his face that one by one read, “Good morning, class. As you know, prom is right around the corner, and there’s only one beautiful girl I could think of asking. So the only question is…” Then he dropped the sign, and his identity was revealed to be senior Zach Kopy who ended the video saying, “Cue the violin.”  At that moment, a violinist from the Central’s symphony orchestra entered the classroom to serenade Heather, followed by Zach’s entrance with a poster bordered in pictures of them and a bouquet of flowers.

“I wasn’t expecting it so early, and for it to be so extravagant,” said Martin.

Kopy added, “Getting to know Heather for the past nine months has showed me how truly special she is and I wanted to make her feel that way, and I am the luckiest guy in the world.”

Although the due date for prom packets has passed, promposals are still underway.  The bar has been set and it will be hard to top these magnificent proposals.

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