Happy Mother’s Day

By Alissa Jehl

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching on Sunday, May 12, every person has one question on
his/her mind: what present should I get my mom?

It seems as if Mother’s Day was so much easier when we were younger. We could draw a
rainbow on a piece of paper, write “mommy, I love you” at the top and this was the best present
any mother could ever ask for.

As we grow up, this doesn’t seem to slide anymore and mothers start expecting actual presents.
They expect presents even when we are freshmen or sophomores in high school! Many of us
don’t have jobs, and our parents don’t pay us for chores because we “live in their house, we
should be thankful,”; therefore, we have no money. Where do they expect us to get this money
for presents from?

Now of course we love our mothers and do want to pamper them on this day, but not always is it
in our budget to do above and beyond things.

Students who have jobs and money tend to have an easier time trying to find presents. They
could go with the classics and buy her favorite perfume, a gorgeous new necklace, a box of her
favorite chocolates, a new blouse, or a couple flowers from the local flower shop.

Wesley Berry flowers located on Haggerty across the street from Kroger has bouquets of flowers
starting at prices as low as $20, compared to other florists in the Walled Lake area with prices
above $40.

For the students who do not have much money, or want to spend no money at all, there are
options as well.

As teenagers, we hear the, oh so repetitive “you never do anything around this house!” lecture
about four times a week. To treat your mother, you could pick a day where she is not home and
clean your entire house.

Maybe instead of expecting your mother to come home and cook you dinner, maybe YOU could
cook a nice hot meal and have it waiting for her as she walks in the door.

To top off the cleaning or cooking, you can buy a cheap card or even make one yourself that
explains the love you have for your mother.

Mothers Day is the one day a year (if you only choose one day to pamper your mother,) that you
should kick it into gear and show your mother how much you truly appreciate her. Every other
day of the year, she puts you above herself. Why not reverse that for a day or so, and reassure
your mom how special she is?

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