Protein Drive Pushes for Donations

By Kennedy Werner

In the hopes of feeding others in the area and at Walled Lake Central, Interact, the National Honor Society (NHS), and Student Council have teamed up to run the protein drive, collecting canned protein foods throughout March.

Thirty-one days and one mission, Central needs the help of every student to donate to the protein drive. With bins located at the front, library, and bus loop entrances, canned protein goods will be collected and taken to the Hospitality House Food Pantry of Walled Lake.

“The Hospitality House is in great need of protein,” said senior Sydney Zelenak, President of Interact and member of NHS and Student Council and main force behind this drive, “I hope to donate a large amount of food purely from the good of everyone’s hearts.”

Unlike the canned food drive in the fall, the protein drive does not have an incentive of no homework, no pizza parties, no goal, but rather the act of doing something charitable and helpful to those in the community. As Zelenak stated,  “This drive has no competition, no incentives, no t-shirts… just giving!”

Each month, the Hospitality House in Walled Lake delivers food to 750 homes, with a mission to end hunger in Walled Lake. As Central gives them a helping hand, students of the school may not even realize they are helping other students whose families are in desperate need of a meal. When one donates their canned protein food to those bins, they are helping their classmates fill their stomachs on these cold winter days.

This is the last week to donate protein before Zelenak weighs the food and takes it to the Hospitality House so, be sure to donate soon!IMG-20130308-00734

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