Central fulfills goal for annual Canned Food Drive

By Emma Weintraub

Forty-two thousand cans. That was the goal announced as Walled Lake Central’s Student Council annual canned food drive kicked off on Saturday, November 14. The canned food drive ran the entire week until Wednesday, November 25 and, ultimately, the school was successful in exceeding their goal of 42,000 cans by a few hundred cans.

The most successful pod was Upper B. They will be receiving a complimentary breakfast for bringing in the most cans. All proceeds generated from the event will go to Hospitality House in Oakland County to aid the organization as it works to fulfill its goal of feeding Walled Lake families through their food pantry.

Senior class treasurer Abby Sachs gave insight to this year’s Canned Food Drive. “This year the kickoff will take place during the middle of the week which is different from previous years. [Also] Student Council members will also have the chance to meet with the families at the Hospitality House,” Sachs said in advance of the drive.  

This year, Student Council implemented teams based on upper and lower pods. Each team was to bring in a specific number of cans that pertains to their pod goal. A Hall was looking to bring in a total of 506 cans. B Hall is looking to bring in a combined total of 10,097 cans. C Hall with a combined total of 8,625 cans. D Hall with 11,822 cans. E/F/G/K Hall with 3168 cans.

“This year we are looking to run the canned food drive in a shorter time span that last year. We have a different deadline this year since we are more involved with the families at the Hospitality House,” senior Student Council President Noah Bloom said in advance of the drive..

“This is also our second year implementing pod teams with their own pod goal. We also raised our from 36,000 cans to 42,000 cans. By raising the school goal, we hope to give the families of Walled Lake more canned goods,” Bloom added.

Last year’s canned food drive brought in a total of 47,173 cans. Walled Lake Central will provide enough cans to feed those for approximately 6 months of the year.

Principal Charles Morgan expressed that the canned food drive “is a wonderful opportunity for our students to help the community during a special time of the year that focuses on family, friends, and giving.”

Morgan added that “my personal goal is to assist our students in the best way possible to reach the most people needed. Anytime we can make lived better for members of our community, students should feel a sense of pride.”

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