Empty stomach means full heart

By Kennedy Werner

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes”; easier said than done. Yet, Student Council Advisor Laura Matousek and Walled Lake Central’s Student Council has made this possible through the annual Empty Bowls Lunch, which  will take place in the small gym on November 20.

All of WLC is encouraged to buy a $5 ticket and experience hunger in a modeled soup kitchen setting.

“People who have a hard time obtaining food are always hungry,” said senior Executive Vice President of Student Council Heather Martin, “We are raising awareness about how people, even in our own community, need help in finding a meal with daily financial difficulties.”

Four to eight different types of soup will be provided by local restaurant Uptown Grille. These include broccoli and cheddar, chicken noodle, chili, vegetable. Participants will also be provided with a small bread roll, the bare minimum that most receive at soup kitchens.

“We’re really grateful for Uptown Grille donating the soup for the benefit of our Hospitality House,” said Martin.

All proceeds of this event will go to the Hospitality House, a local food bank, to help feed the Walled Lake community during this holiday season. Without Walled Lake Central’s generous donations, the Hospitality House would not be able to continue providing food for those in need.

“Empty Bowls will help students consider the hunger some have throughout the day, even those in our own community,” said junior Student Council Member Olivia Snyder.

In previous years, staff and students handcrafted clay bowls in which to eat the soup. Then, Student Council changed the bowls over to papier-mâché to ease costs and maximize the amount of money to be donated.

Empty Bowls ties in with the Canned Food Drive and the adoption of the Hospitality House to bring food to families in need throughout the holiday season. Students are asked to bring in a desired goal of cans to their first hours. In 2012, Walled Lake Central donated 41,423 cans to the Hospitality House and able to feed 2040 people. This year’s goal is 34,000 cans.

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