Outward appearance unfairly alters judgement

By Dominique Tyus

The way someone looks seems to alter the world’s opinion about what kind of person they are inside. We take their outer appearance and try to look for the heart of the person in it, even when there is no valid evidence of the person’s actions or personality to be found there.

How someone appears doesn’t tell us who the person is; though, it may showcase one’s sense of particular style. Everyone has a dynamic personality whether your first glance at him or her reveals it or not.

Someone may have many tattoos and wear the color black often, but that doesn`t mean their personality is dark and Gothic. Someone that wears dresses and flowers in their hair may not have the expected “hippie” traits.

Society would benefit from changing their perception on others instead of basing it off one’s outer shell. We shouldn’t just glance at someone and expect to know everything about him or her; rather, we should look deeper. If we took the chance to step a mile in one’s shoes, we may have a better understanding of their personality and lifestyle.

Taking time to talk to others is one step in figuring out whom they truly are. Communication may also help avoid a misunderstanding about the person’s actions. So why not make these changes in our lives? Instead of thinking intuitively about someone, we should simply interconnect with him or her on a brand new level.

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