To Live Simply, Simply Live

By Kevin Coleman

Life is a mystery. In the swiftness of life’s rat race, the complex nature of our existence is often under appreciated. Instead of loving that which we know, our nature is to desire more and more. This greedy disease cannot be pacified by continuing to fill the insatiable void of materialism. To achieve a life filled with truly wholesome happiness, you must first make some life altering changes in your daily routine to incite a life of simplicity.

Simplicity starts when you turn off the TV, lay off the cell phone, and go spend some time in serenity. Maybe you find serenity in nature, or the bliss of playing an instrument. Your bliss can be found in many sources, but nature especially improves overall health. Meditation is an extremely effective method of relaxing the body and mind in a landscape full of fresh air, though many misconceive it as the religious prayers of Hinduism or Buddhism.

Reading is a simple way to relax. Electronics are avoidable on the quest for simplicity, but this is to whatever standard you decide for yourself. I have begun an effort to retract my use of social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, slowly deleting one app at a time. I have also become more conscious of my TV watching and have cut down to likely not watching any television. I would be proud of this achievement if I was not a nightly Netflix watcher.

The most important lesson I can offer in achieving simplicity is to surrender to the flow of life and allow people and things in and out. Experience what you can, absorb and take advantage of any stimulus you can. Life is short, so don’t waste your time staring at a screen. Stop saying meaningless ‘I wish’ statements. It does not produce results and only discredits your current situation.

This is not meant to serve as a guideline, a routine or any sort of pattern to live by. In a simple life, organization is not a necessity. The flow of life produces a variety of odd and ironic circumstances. Things like déjà vu or those times when you are thinking of someone and then run into them. We all have experienced these oddities, and though they may hold no explanation, I try to find significance in each and every coincidence. This is beginning to a simple life.

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