Movies: To stay home or go to the theater?

By Dominique Tyus

We all love movies. But the question is: Do most people want to watch a movie in the theater or in the comfort of their own home?

“It depends on what movie you`re watching and the time of day,” said freshman Hannah Langewicz.

In theaters, there is a bit more enthusiasm from the other viewers around you with the instigation of laughter, the oohs and aahs, and the shouts from the audience. There is also the influence of opinion from the other viewers after the movie.

“I prefer going out to the theater; I enjoy listening to their people`s commentary,” said senior Kate Markowski.

Even though some people like this, there are others who do not enjoy the movie-going experience. Watching movies at home brings no influence or interruption from others, allowing those to focus on the movie and form their own general opinion.

“I like to watch comedies at home. I like to relax, comedy tends to lift my mood in a way,” said senior Sarah Babijaev, “I like watching action/ dramas at the theater. If I pay for a movie, I’d like to make sure they`re going to be good; also the large theater heightens the excitement of the action/drama, surrounding you.”

Even though we all have our preferences, the fact of the matter is that people of all shapes, sizes, and colors love movies whether it is in the theater or in the comfort of our own home.

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