Meet your 2015-2016 Student Council Executives

By Nevada Leslie 

This year, we are lucky to have two people who are going to try their hardest to make sure to bring some fun into our school lives. Meet seniors Noah Bloom and Olivia Linson, your Student Council Executive President and Vice President.


What is your job as an Executive Board Leader?

Noah: “A few things we do are delegate jobs to the whole council, take a managerial position to make sure everything gets done, plan student events (Homecoming, Kaitlyn’s Cause, Canned Food Drive, VBM, etc.), and exemplify leadership in the school.”


What are your intentions as an Executive Leader?

Noah: “As an executive leader, my goal is to set a good example as a student, create successful, fun events, raise money for various causes, increase student attendance to our events, and turn people’s ideas for the school into a reality.”

Olivia: “We want to make the events as successful as possible through hard work and communication.”


Have you met any of the goals you set when you were elected?

Noah: “Yes, so far I have organized and ran one event (freshman orientation) and to my knowledge the freshmen had a great time. We are now just beginning to plan homecoming and all the activities involved.”

Olivia: “Freshman Orientation, freshman council elections, and our first couple meetings were a success! Next stop: Homecoming!”


Why did you decide to run for an Exec Board position?

Noah: “I wanted to run as an executive leader because I enjoy taking an active role in school and loved the opportunity to create great experiences for students. It was also an excellent opportunity to practice leadership as a whole.”

Olivia: “I wanted to be part of the team that organizes the events and help make them successful!”


Do you have any prior experience as a leader?

Noah: “Yes, I was previously class PR as a freshman and class president as a sophomore and junior.”

Olivia: “Yes! I’ve been on student council since 5th grade and I’ve held various positions on the board. I’m also the president of the giving tree, choir section leader, and in a couple other clubs.”


Does your family have any influence on your leadership?

Noah: “My family encourages me to try new things and always go for my goals even if it’s possible I could fail.”


What is your favorite event Stuco holds?

Noah: “My favorite event is Kaitlyn’s cause because I love how it brings everybody together to just have fun and help someone in need.”


How do you plan to bring more people to events this year?

Noah: “To get more people involved, I plan to make meaningful relationships with more students  so that I can express how truly amazing some of the events we have are if they give them a try. Less “you should come” more “it would mean a lot to me if you would come.””

Olivia: “Communication x 1000! We’re going to concentrate on getting the word out as much as possible this year!”

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