Student Council Elections Begin: We Run This

By Dan Geoffrey

Time is winding down, which means Student Council Elections for the 2013-2014 school year
are in progress. On Thursday, May 2, all eleven candidates running for Student Council Board,
(president, vice president of public relations, executive vice president, secretary, and treasurer)
delivered speechex to the entire school via the morning announcements, asking for the student
body’s vote. Ballots were then passed out, via teacher, to students and collected by student
council members later in the day.

All speeches were conducted in a professional and convincing manner, some of them even
involved rapping, but in the end, only one winner voted in for each position. The following
students were selected from among the list of candidates, as announced on Tuesday, May 7.

President: Zach Kopy

Vice President of Public Relations: Heather Martin

Executive Vice President: Steve Pino

Secretary: Blair Whittington

Treasurer: Taylor Whittington

“I just want to say thanks to my supporters,” said Zach Kopy, regarding his victory, “I’m
honored that they voted me in and have faith in what I’m going to do.”

Coming up on Monday, May 13, general elections will take place to choose the class
representatives of each grade level. This time there will not be any speeches, but teachers will
pass out ballots in their fourth hour classes to each student, and ballots will be collected in the
same way they were for the officer elections. In the meantime, it is safe to say that Central’s
student body is proud and supportive of the officers in which they have chosen and are eager to
see what they can do with their power next year.

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