Meet your school leaders!

By Krista Fog

Your 2013/2014 Executive President Zach Kopy and Vice President Heather Martin work as a team. Both put in all of their effort and genuine care to run Walled Lake Central. Krista Fog, Call and reporter, had an opportunity to sit down with the two student leaders to learn more about them and what they do for Central.

Q: What do you do as Executive leaders?

A: Kopy and Martin explained that they both coordinate fundraising events, such as the canned food drive, the holiday gift drive, Kaitlin’s Cause, and volleyball marathon. They also do a lot to organize freshman orientation, senior prom and the prom fashion show.

Q: What are your intentions as Executive leaders?

A: The two agree that they wanted to help as many people as possible, make it a great year for Central as a whole, and break records, like for the canned food drive back in November.

Q: Is it safe to say that you have met these goals?

A: Kopy and Martin said, without a doubt,absolutly. They believe it has been a great year so far in terms of the charity, they have given and the are having while doing it. The canned food drive’s school record was also broken this year by a landslide, which they agreed was incredible.

Q: Why did you want to run as Executive President/Vice President?

A: Kopy:  “I really wanted to to have an impact on not only my school, but on my community as well. I enjoy helping people and teaming up with places like the Hospitality House, and to give them donations is awesome.”

A: Martin: “I have been in Student Council all throughout both high school and elementary school and it is something that I really enjoy. I love all that we do for Central and the charity we contribute to different organizations.”

Q: Do you have history in leadership?

A: Kopy: “I’ve had to perform leadership on mission trips with my church, like to the Appalachian Mountains. I also have been captain of sports teams in middle school.”

A: Martin: “I was captain of my Geisler Middle School’s soccer teamin 8th grade, as well as Central’s JV poms’ team my sophomore year. I was also Student President at Mary Helen Guest Elementary. Currently, I am also Secretary for Central’s NHS and PR for Central’s Spanish Club.”

Q: Does your family have any influence on your leadership?

A: Kopy: My family is extremely supportive of me as Executive President. Though they haven’t influenced me so much, they always encourage me to pursue my career as a leader.”

A: Martin: My family is also really supportive of me, especially my dad who has been a great influence on my leadership. He runs his own business and has taught me a lot of what I need to know about management.”

The two did a great job running the school first semester. If this is an indication for second semester, there sure is something to be excited about!

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