Annual Kaitlin’s cause to support Kirk Pedersen

By Taylor Peterman

Walled Lake Central’s Student Council will be hosting the 6th annual Kaitlin’s Cause on May 14. Music and food can be enjoyedin support of Viking Kirk Pedersen at Uptown Grille.

“It was a hard decision because we want to choose everyone, but Pedersen has a personal connection to many at Central,” said senior Executive Vice President Heather Martin.

The voting process recently took place to decide on the beneficiary for the event. Among the contenders were the Drew Crew, Pedersen, alumnus Steve Percha, a Walled Lake Central graduate who suffered a severe brain injury, and various relatives of Walled Lake Central students. After hearing presentations given by each of the beneficiaries, the council anonymously voted.

“It is taken more serious than some of the other things we vote for because it is for charity,” Martin explained.

Tickets are $20, which provides free food from the restaurant and access to all the great musical acts. As with previous years, Kaitlin’s Cause will host a concert where there will be around ten acts, with bands and student performances. Auditions will be held soon for students. Martin advises that students should look out for fliers around the school for dates and times of the auditions.

Along with musical acts, the event will also hold a raffle. The prizes range from small college gear, to vacations.

“Everyone goes, so you should come support Pedersen, he’s one of our own,” Martin exclaims.

Kaitlin’s Cause began in 2009 when Walled Lake Central student Kaitlin Aldea was diagnosed with Leukemia. Each year Student Council chooses one beneficiary from the Walled Lake Community to support. The event began small, but grown into one of the biggest fundraising events of the school year.

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