Some students seek Anti-Homecoming this season

By Mia Rubin

Every year, Homecoming is the same thing.  You get all dressed up, take some pictures, and go to the dance.  At the dance, you stand in the hot, sweaty gym, on the “dance floor” (the gym floor with a dirty tarp on it) in a circle with all of your friends, and try to have fun dancing while the DJ plays “Gangnam Style” five times throughout the night.

From the moment you get there, you regret ever buying a ticket, because you want to leave after the first half hour.  Aren’t you sick of it? Senior Averee Herman is sick of wasting her money on this dreadful 30 minutes.  Instead, Averee plans to “Get dressed up, go to pictures, then go out to a nice dinner with a couple of good ol’ pals!” on October 24.

Sounds way more enjoyable than Homecoming! So, get some friends together and go out and enjoy a fun filled night of anti-Homecoming!

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