Central prepares for homecoming with a pep rally

By Alyssa Rester

The 2016 Homecoming Pep rally kicked off with a packed gym and students cheering and laughing.

To kick things off, the varsity sports teams took part in the opening of the pep rally by doing a short lap around the gym getting the school pumped up. Both varsity and JV cheer and poms had great performances that really got the school in the homecoming spirit. Junior cheerleader Ashley Downey said, “Our performance this year was amazing! There was a great energy from all of the students the whole time we were on the floor!”

Homecoming court was announced along with this year’s king and queen, seniors Parker Cole and Danielle Hoef.

Senior Jack Gulvas, the varsity football team’s quarterback, gave a speech to the student body to conclude the pep rally, encouraging everyone to go out to the big game. A great and exciting pep rally occurred this year with a great game and dance that follow!