Homecoming Dance to be held October 24th

By Toni Funderburk

Walled Lake Central’s Homecoming dance, set for Saturday October, 24 at 7:00pm in the gym, will cap off a spirit week celebrating, “Battle of the Bands”.  Students can arrive as early as 6:30pm, but have to be checked in by 8:00pm.

 “I think it’s going to be really fun! I’m so excited because it’s my first homecoming”, said by Freshmen Amaya Smith.

Once you have partied a little bit with your friends on the dance floor, you might want some refreshments. The cafeteria will be the place for you and your friends to have snacks and drinks, or simply just to chill.

Also, for the ladies and the guys who want to get out of those heels and those suit jackets, there will be a place for that, too: one of the smaller gyms will be open for you to place your belongings. You don’t have to worry about your things being taken, there will be several people keeping an eye out all night.

Of course the most important part of a good party is the music! The DJ will be playing the most popular songs that are out right now. But if you want to request a song, you can either go up to the DJ and ask, or there will be a sheet that you can write on.

All though students are going to have blast, it has to come to an end. The Homecoming dance ends at 10:00pm. With that being said, get here early, have fun and don’t forget to, GOOOOOOOOO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!

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