By Nevada Leslie

It’s that time of year again at Walled Lake Central – homecoming season. And with homecoming comes the dresses, the football games, and, of course, the class dances. This year’s class dances will take place during the Kickoff Assembly on Monday, October 19.

Weeks are spent planning in preparation for this event, and the students are excited about the performance. “The junior class has been going strong,” Junior Aleksandra Luca said. “We have had multiple practices the last couple of weeks, and hopefully we will give a good performance at the assembly.”

The class dances are not just routines filled with popular dance moves. They involve weeks of planning. The dance has many requirements: it has to be three minutes long, incorporate football in some way, and include their class theme.

The class dance is incorporated in the spirt week points. Classes can get anywhere between 0 and 50 points. Points are rewarded based on 5 categories, each category being worth 10 points. The categories are 1. being organized and well performed, 2. being creative and entertaining, 3. successfully portraying the individual theme, 4. having a relative relationship with football, and 5. being three minutes or less.

With homecoming fast approaching, the rest of the school will soon see how each of the four classes meet these requirements and how their performance turns out.

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