Back to School Sickies

By: Ashley Downey

As students return to school, so do many illnesses causing students to suffer and miss school.  Strep throat, cold, and even the flu have been making the rounds.

“With the weather changing so much lately, I’ve been getting sick a lot and my allergies are acting up bad,” said senior Rachel Les. “I love the fall, but I hate how I always get sick.”

Strep throat seems to be the most common sickness this season.  “This fall has been extra rough for me, because I’ve been sick with strep throat and had a cold,” said junior Michael Trombetta.

Some people have been getting lucky this year and not gotten sick since coming back to school. Senior Kelsey Clark is one of those people who are lucky. “ I usually get really bad colds after coming back to school but this year i’ve been perfectly healthy” said Clark.

Coming into the new school year a lot of people are getting sick which is never fun, but it’s expected.


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