What it’s like to be a second semester senior

By Bianca B

After completing their first semester of the 2016-2017 on January 27, seniors were ecstatic to finally have the title of ‘second semester seniors. This reassures them that they are one step closer to a huge step in their lives.

During this time, many of these seniors come down with a sickness referred to as senioritis. Senioritis causes apparent pain and suffering to anyone who is in their last year of high school. Basically, it’s a loss of motivation.

Assistant Principal Eric Henderson has seen it all before and knows the dangers of senioritis and what happens when students get it. “All throughout high school, students are developing strong habits in terms of finishing things that they start. If you get senioritis, you stop doing just that,” said Henderson. “I’ve had universities send me letters asking to inform students that they are no longer accepted. This happens when students slack off in their school work or begin skipping classes. I don’t understand how they work so hard to get into their dream colleges and then throw it all away their last year,”

Still, senior Nadine Alshorachi explained how nice it feels knowing that seniors only have about four months left before they are officially done with high school. “This semester so far has been pretty easy and I hope it stays that way. It has been getting much harder to wake up for school and it’s dreadful having to come every single day,” said Alshorachi. “I’m excited to graduate and further my studies in college. It will be hard to leave my high school years behind but cool to move onto something new and exciting.”

Senior Sydney Wallace said that she is relieved that this is her senior year and explains what she looks forward to the most. “I’m also a little sad that high school is almost over. I love how laid back this year feels compared to last year. I’m really excited about Prom and senior spring break,” said Wallace.

Senior Ryan Sutcliffe said it feels awesome to be a senior. He talks about his lack of motivation during his final year. “I can’t wait to graduate and start a new chapter in my life. I’d say I’ve lost my motivation 100% and came down with senioritis. My favorite part of my senior year so far has been attending the all of the basketball games,” said Sutcliffe.