It just keeps coming: Michigan looks to set record for snowiest winter

By Madeline Master

This past winter has been the snowiest winter ever to be recorded in Michigan. Over the past two months, Michigan has accumulated a total of approximately 110 inches of snow causing hundreds of schools and businesses all over the state to close down more than anticipated.

Most of the record-breaking snow depths were recorded in the northern regions of the state in cities like Gaylord and Alpena. However there is no doubt that the southern region of the state received its fair share. The Metro Detroit area has accounted for over 40 inches of the state’s total.

The most wicked storm of the year was set to arrive February 22, anticipating over 12 inches of snow. The unbearably cold wind-chill arrived, but the snow did not.

“As a student driver, it is very scary to drive on such dangerous roads with other young drivers and the high possibility of an accident,” commented senior Erika Greco.

Many other students have similar concerns for the safety of themselves and those around them.

“Personally, when you are trying to rush to get to school in time, and the roads are as bad as they are, it’s difficult to be prepared for your first class if you have to take extra caution on the roads,” said senior Morgan Day.

The temperatures are slowly but surely rising as the months progress, but a cold spring and summer may be in our future.

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