Language Clubs go Skating on Campus Martius

By Rebecca Noeske

With it being the time of year for cold weather, the language clubs at Central have looked to participate in fun events that take advantage of the cold. The annual ice skating trip to Campus Martius, held on February 1, was a definite must. Buses transporting the students from the French and Spanish clubs to Detroit departed from Central around 3pm, and returned later that evening around 8pm.

The first stop of the trip was Mexican Town, where students were able to warm up, eat, and prepare for ice skating. Then, around 5:30pm, the group headed to Campus Martius to skate for several hours.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever gone and it was so much fun,” said senior Mackenzie Coden, whose eighteenth birthday happened to be that very day. “It was a great way to spend my birthday.”

Students came bundled up and prepared for the weather, as temperatures were well below freezing that day. They refused to let the brisk weather interfere with their fun though.

“I was wearing so many layers,” said senior Jessica Ruzgal. “Skating helped warm me up too.”

Senior Anna Moshkovych agreed that the cold was unable to prevent them from having a good time. “We still had a lot fun, regardless of the chilly weather,” said Moshkovych. “I’m just sad that this is the last year I will be able to go on the trip.”

Several language club members do the conga across the icy rink.

Several language club members do the conga across the icy rink.

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