In upkeep with tradition, carnations sold during week of Valentine’s Day

By Sydney Zelenak

Brace yourselves. Get ready for the heart-shaped chocolates, cheesy candies, and cliché cards; the ooey-gooey love-fest of Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Yet even if you are single, there’s still a way to participate in this Hallmark holiday. Carnations will be sold at all three lunches to raise money for the Class of 2013 (That means Prom!). For just $1 each, you can support the seniors and spread the love with these fun flowers.

“Ditch that Twix bar for a day and spend a buck on something nice for someone else. Come on, it’s one dollar!” said senior class representative Jamie Bahoura. Buy one for your best friend or that cutie in your physics class! Send one, send one hundred.

“I always send at least one to each of my friends. It’s fun and cheap,” said senior Drew Miller.

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