Nolan Churns Out Another Hero Movie, Will Not Disappoint

By Taylor Haggerty

After the conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy, movie goers are awaiting the next superhero blockbuster from producer Christopher Nolan. He has decided to place his name on the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel, hating to disappoint.

The film is set to come out on June 14, one of the first summer films to be released this year. The film is starring big names including Henry Cavill as Superman himself and Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and the anticipation for the movie is growing steadily as the release date approaches.

Some of the first previews for the movie were played in theaters before The Dark Knight Rises, so that it might reach the audience targeted. Posters and trailers don’t reveal much in way of back story, but such information is typically unnecessary in the world of superheroes, as most of the people planning to see the film have most likely heard of Superman before now and know the basic storyline behind him.

“I didn’t think it was going to be a good movie at first,” said freshman Jill Ciampa, “but knowing who the producer is, I have more faith in it.” Other students seem to agree with this statement, with senior Adina Dobre stating that Nolan “has a lot of practice with superheroes” and should have no difficulty telling the story of Superman.

Overall, the propaganda for the film seems to be reaching the right people and creating excitement for the movie’s release in June. The hype is growing as time passes and it’s sure to be another blockbuster hit for Nolan’s record.

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