Junior Class holds Winterfest 2013

By Sydney Zelenak

Who would have thought that the Walled Lake Central cafeteria was the cool place to be? On Saturday, February 2, the Junior Class put on Winterfest, a successful school dance that enjoyed participation from every grade. With the WLC-WLW Varsity hockey game the same night, many people feared conflict; however, a good amount of people were ready to dance after the game.

Winterfest truly was a party to remember and a great way to spend a Saturday night. This was no ordinary dance–there was a fog machine and special-

Winterfest Emily Money

effects lighting to illuminate the dance floor. The DJ was playing some great, energetic songs with an electronic twist–great for (surprisingly appropriate) dancing with friends.

The room was transformed with snowflake decorations and the huge cafeteria was made much quainter with tables creating a wall. Turn the corner, and there were free snacks to munch on–cookies, Oreos, donuts, and cupcakes galore. Because of the chilly weather, WLC’s wonderful staff members also ran an efficient coat check.“Winterfest gets better every year. I feel bad for those who missed out,” said senior Drew Miller.

But when upcoming hip-hop artist and WLC alumnus Nate Paulson arrived around 10pm, the party really began, and the crowd went wild. This superstar from Southeast Michigan even opened for J.Cole, so everyone was really excited.

“It was so cool to see Nate Paulson. He’ll probably be really famous in a year or two, and we can say that we met him,” said freshman Carson Koppin.

Every person in the room immediately crowded around the rapper, and he put on quite a show, gaining a lot of respect from the audience. You can check out and download his music for free at www.nate-paulson.com.

“Winterfest was fun because I made it fun for myself,” said senior Austin Smithberger. And fun it was–everyone seemed to have a blast, despite the lack of inappropriate dance moves!

The night went by in a joyful blur for attending students; attending students had a great time.

The night went by in a joyful blur for attending students; attending students had a great time.

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