Two Weeks of AP Testing About to Come to an End

By Nate Collins

Well Advanced Placement (AP) students, exams are now in full swing. Break out those textbooks and

start reading!

Exams will run in two segments, morning and afternoon. Morning sessions begin at 7:30 while afternoon

sessions begin at 11:30 am each day. The tests, which are given either in the East or West Gym [I think

that the language exams are in the language lab – check on this.] at Central or at the ESC depending

on the number of students taking a given exam, require students to demonstrate college-level mastery of

material covered since September 2012. Based on their performance, they can receive anywhere from a

1 to a 5 and possibly college credit.

This year, “803 total exams will be given, which is a school record, including 7 Special Service exams,

also a school record,” said Dr. MaryJo Hecker, a Head of Counseling and AP Coordinator here at Central.

Although they have been preparing for the exams all year, most AP classes shift test prep into high gear

at this point in the year. Some teachers give students exam review packets and asked them to review all

previous notes and quizzes passed back. Although students feel the lengthy packets are overwhelming,

most teachers advise them that they are the best way to study.

“This year, my AP Class has really been geared toward preparing us for the exam, all the review packets

and study guides have really helped me in preparing”, said sophomore Ben Vigliarolo, who is studying for

his U.S History exam.

New to the AP world this year are teachers Frau Robinson and Chip Hebert. Robinson, a German

teacher, will have students taking the AP German exam for the first time and has prepared them all year

for this.

“Throughout the year we’ve worked with authentic German texts that are geared toward topics that the

test covers. We’ve been doing practice tests for the last month; we’ve been practicing with an on-line AP

Training website We’ve been practicing high-frequency vocabulary and students have

received packets of phrases and tips specific to the AP German exam,” said Robinson.

No matter how well prepared their teachers may feel they are, many AP students feel nervous going into

exams. Not only does the review work scare, but also students fear the possibility of the exams not going


“It is kind of scary knowing that my first AP exam is coming. It is also a lot of pressure knowing that you

HAVE to do well or you have to retake it, which costs money,” said Vigliarolo.

Students who have some or all of their tests at Central brings relief because students know they will be

testing in a familiar place. “It is definitely more comforting knowing that I don’t have to go to a strange

place to take my exam. I like having them here at Central,” said sophomore Michael Kruezer, who will

take the AP U.S. History exam.

The morning AP exams include Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science A, Spanish,

Calculus AB and BC, English Literature and Composition, Studio Art, Biology, Music, U.S Government

and Politics, German, U.S History, and World History. While the afternoon AP exams include Physiology,

Art History, Chinese Language and Culture, Statistics, Physics B and C, Mechanics, Comparative

Government and Politics, French, European History, and Microeconomics. Good luck students!

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