Life after finals

By Izzie A

Finals have come and gone for the first semester and students at Central are relieved that they are finally over. After studying all week and enduring late nights of review, the new semester is a breath of fresh air.

Although these exams can be stressful, a lot of students found themselves to be successful in the end. “I did really well on my Spanish 1 final, because I have a friend who speaks Spanish and was able to help me study,” said freshman Griffin Hart.

With the new semester, comes new sports, activities and classes. Soon winter sports will be coming to a close and spring sports will start. “I’m really exciting for the upcoming tennis season and it is always something I have to look forward to during the second semester,” said junior Rachel Les.
Finishing out the year can also be a challenge, especially for those students in AP classes. AP exams are just a few months away and the review for these exams kicks into full gear after first semester finals. “The most challenging part of this semester will be keeping up my grades in my AP classes and preparing for AP exams,” said sophomore Geethika Bodanapu.