8th Grade Ingenuity and $10 Equals Document Camera

By Emily Money


The Design Tech students at Walnut Creek Middle School have manufactured iPad

stands for sale throughout the district. For a mere ten dollars, an iPad can be transformed into a

document camera. This is especially useful for teachers, many of whom have already purchased

a stand.


“I thought it was an innovative idea, and for ten dollars, it provides me with a document

camera, which will revolutionize my teaching,” stated Melissa Borgquist, AP Lit teacher who

bought one of these stands.


This innovation was originally just a way to make the most of a grant for one document

camera. The students at Creek managed to turn this into a big operation. “Trust me when I say

students are gaining some REAL world experience in manufacturing processes and business

operations,” said Gina Sartor, the Design Tech instructor at Creek, in a mass email to district


Teachers across the district have jumped at this opportunity. They can even request an

unfinished stand if they would like to paint it a color of their choice.


Delivery of these stands has already begun. This is a great opportunity and a wonderful

experience for the Walnut Creek students.

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