Registration begins for AP testing

By Kenzie T

May’s AP exams will be here sooner than anyone realizes and the deadline for registration is Friday, March 3.

Each test is $95, and along with the payment, students are expected to submit a registration form with signature from both the teacher of the AP class and a parent. Registering for an AP exam can be done online through eFunds or via cash or money order in the counseling office.  Students receiving free or reduced lunch may receive a reduced fee, but need to contact counselor Terence Johnson. “If you’re not sure if you qualify to have a reduced fee still come and talk to me and we can get things straightened out. If you do get free or reduced lunch then come let me know and I can set you up for the AP exams you may be taking.”

There are many different exams that can be taken including Chemistry, Environmental Science, Computer Science A, Spanish, German, French, English Literature, English Language, US Government, US History, World History, Psychology, Biology, Physics  Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, and Studio Art. The packet given out by a teacher has all these classes along with the following date and time of the test.

In order to prepare for the exam(s) make sure to ask ahead of time what the teacher will be handing out in order to study for the test and allow yourself to focus on your personal strengths and weaknesses in the class. Most teachers do devote class time to prepare for the exam, but you don’t want to wait last minute if you are unsure of your teacher’s schedule. Senior Hayden Harper said, “I’ve never really worried about exams. Teachers always give time in class to study and you’ve been learning the material all year in class, if you’re doing good in the class you’ll do fine on the exam.”

Senior Mia Feinbaum has a different view about AP exams, she said, “AP Exams stress me out but I always make sure to have all the material I need to get the score I want. For me being as organized as possible allows me to feel less stressed.”
Junior Josie O’Connell has not yet taken an AP exam but has gotten some advice from peers, “This is my first year taking an AP exam but I’m not too worried, all the seniors say to make sure to ask my teachers lots of questions about the test so that’s what I’ll do.”