Upcoming AP Exams draw near

By Dominique Tyus

In just a few short weeks, Central’s AP students will take 790 exams beginning May 5 through May16 and preparations are well-underway.

“The numbers of tests are about the same.” said counselor and Central’s AP test coordinator Dr. Maryjo Hecker. “This year there are 465 individuals taking the AP Exams.”

The subjects covered in the exams are History of Art, 2D Art Design, 3D Art Design, Art: Drawing, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science A, Computer Science AB, Music, Psychology, Statistics, Environmental Science etc… Just to name a few.

“I am actually looking forward to it. I’ll be happy to see how much my writing and analysis skills have grown,” said senior Ashleigh Coe.

With exams just around the corner, AP teachers and students are working hard to prepare.

“I`m just doing my regular routine of giving the students lecture, tests/quizzes, notes, and homework for review,” said AP Government teacher Mark Willard. “They will be able to look back on those elements to study from.”

“We haven`t really practiced answering any multiple choice questions,” said Coe. “But we have definitely done a few essays to prepare. We have also talked about what AP readers are looking for in our essays.”

The exams, though expensive at $92 per test, can help students earn college credit.  Scores ranges from 1-5; five being the highest and one being the lowest score. Students who receive three or above on the exam may earn college credit. Scores will appear online in July.

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