Welcome Center construction unveiled

By Jill Ciampa

After months of anticipation, Central has finally revealed the new office constructed in the lobby. To provide more safety for students and staff, the new entrance requires anyone entering during school hours to sign in.

“It was planned to end by the time school started,” stated Assistant Principal Eric Henderson. “We started before school got out, around May… [but] there were some delays, mostly the old electrical [mechanics] being put in for the old and putting in the new technology.”

Apart from the other additions of cameras, key card door locks, and repaving the parking lot, most of the school district’s bond money for Central went towards this office.

Currently, the occupants of the new office are Henderson, part-time Deputy Leggat, and some part-time and full time secretaries.

Although there haven’t been many complaints, the ones that are reoccurring revolve around the new key card system.

“We can tell who goes in and out of every door,” Henderson explains. “The only problem is that it took a while to get the programming right; making sure the right people had the right access. People were also saying how the locks on the door have batteries that fail too quickly.”

A month and a half into the school year, the unveiling of a new office shed light on the potential dark side of Central’s lobby. With the white tarp gone, the view of outside danger is evident, and this new lobby hopes to create a much greater sense of security for everyone here at WLC.

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