Central staff notes aspects of new technology

By Brendan Briggs

Starting late last year and over the summer, WLC got a technology upgrade, thanks to a bond passed by the community last year.

As part of the upgrade, every classroom got a new smart board system. The new technology was put into help improve the students learning experience.

“It is supposed to give interactive ways for students to learn,” said Principal Charles Morgan.

“We are also getting a new software called Safari Montage, it is used to find materials to improve students experience in class,” continued Morgan. Safari Montage is a digital learning platform, it includes a learning object repository, video streaming library, and IPTV and live media streaming , designed to handle video efficiency.

But some students think the technology slows learning down. “They are very inconvenient, none of my teachers know how to fully use the smart boards,” Sophomore Lily Eagleton said, “Sometimes they won’t even work.”

AP Biology teacher Sherri Look has fun with her board. “Drawing on the board is fun and the speakers are good for karaoke,” she said.

She also thinks they are a bit annoying because she doesn’t know everything about it. “I am sure we will get better using them when we get trained on how to.”

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