Drama department preps for fall play

By Emma Weintraub

This fall, the Drama department at Central will put on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies, as their fall play. Auditions were held the week of Monday September 21.

Approximately thirty kids attended the auditions. Most auditionees received lead roles since the musical is intertwined with multiple plots.

Senior Lexie LaBo who received the role of Hermia- who is caught in a complex love triangle, feels that “auditions went more smoothly since I knew what I was doing and I was more prepared. There were a lot of talented girls who auditioned and the whole process was a lot simpler than last year.”

Senior Keegan Hawes who will debut as mechanic Robin Starveling,  is very excited about this season’s production. “ This is my third year in drama, and I absolutely love it! I love being a part of drama because it’s like [my] family and I truly feel like I belong.”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy written by William Shakespeare that follows the journey of four young lovers into the enchanted forest of Athens. While in the forest the young lovers encounter a Fairy King, a weaver who is half man half donkey, woodland creatures, elves, and humans with a very complex love triangle.

The play will debut on December third, fourth, and fifth. All cast and crew are very eager to begin rehearsing.

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