New school year brings new changes

By Emily Money

The arrival of every new school year also brings new changes. So what changes will we see around Central this year?

Most importantly, Central has received a new addition to its security system: an entry camera and buzzer system. These have been installed in every building across the district. If a person is entering the school during school hours, they must buzz in and speak with attendance secretary Tracy Coram before they may enter. This is a great stride in the security at Central.

“This system is working fine. It makes me nervous that we have to go to such lengths, though.

It’s really good that we’ve done more to regulate who gets into the school, and it’s made a lot of people feel safer,” said Coram.

Computers are another difference students and staff will notice around school. The switch has been made from laptops to mainly desktop computers. New computers are leased every three years. “The new computers are a lot better and faster,” stated Cameron Kanner, sophomore, “It’s a nice change for the school.”

The walls were repainted, as they are every year. Outside the building, new concrete storage buildings have been installed, as well.

The tennis courts have been resurfaced as well, a change much appreciated by the tennis team.

“The new courts are great, they’ve been really well made,” stated sophomore Anthony Nguyen, JV tennis player. “There’s been a noticeable difference since last year.”

“Every installation we put into the building is for the benefit and safety of you guys,” stated Eric Henderson, Assistant Principal. “We’re always looking to help make the school a safer and better place for the students.”

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