Shaking and Shacking up in Ann Arbor

shake shackBy: Alyssa Rester

The infamous and delicious Shake Shack made its second debut in Michigan October 25 when the chain opened up a second restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor. Crowds of people came down to get a taste of the amazing diner burgers and fries.

Anyone that loves a good grilled burger with a thick chocolate shake was found in line at the newest location the entire week after the opening. Junior Angie Mayes said, “My dad lives just outside of Ann Arbor and having a cute little diner to go to when I am at his house for the weekends is an awesome way to spend some time with him while chowing down on our favorite food.” Mayes has yet to make the trip to the Shake Shack, for the lines and wait still hasn’t slowed down almost two months after the opening.

Freshman Natalie Winarski said, “I have never been to a Shake Shack before, but I have always wanted to go to a small diner and this sounds like the perfect fit! I am looking forward to making a trip to Ann Arbor for a nice burger and shake with my family.” Winarski also recollected the memories she had made at a diner all the way in North Carolina prior to moving back to Michigan

Sophomore Cody Lancaster said, “My dad is a cop in Ann Arbor and he went there on one of his breaks with a few of his friends and brought me back his leftovers and it was the best cold burger and fries I have ever had. I can’t wait to go back and get a hot one next time.” Lancaster is just one of the many students at Central to rave about the Shake Shacks amazing food.

The Shake Shacks’ second location in the mitten has brought back the idea of small diners with some of the best food and shakes there is to offer. The Shake Shack is planning to open many more locations in the U.S. and hopefully some of those will be all over Michigan, spreading some burger love.  

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