New drinks being sold at lunch

popBy: Nick Cummings

For the past couple years, students at Central have had a very limited selection of soft drinks available to them at lunch. As the 2017 school year rolls in, so does a wider selection of pop. No longer are the days of only diet Mountain Dew, diet Code Red, diet Pepsi, diet Cherry Pepsi, and Pepsi Max.

In addition to these “classic” options, new items like diet Faygo and diet Mountain Dew Kickstart have been added. These new options have been welcomed by many students. Freshman Caden Valdez loves these new options. “Man, this is great, I couldn’t imagine having only diet Dew and diet Pepsi”.

Of course, Valdez isn’t the only one. Junior Ryan Grondin feels the same way. “I have literally never had this before, it’s so good”. Grondin was seen nearly every day of the first few weeks of school with one of the diet Faygos.

While many students think this is a great addition to the boring school lunches, some students, such as sophomore Caitlin Pilataxi, aren’t really phased by the new items. “ I don’t really care about the new pop, I just care about getting my two liter of Dr. Pepper at 7-11.”

This may be a very subtle change to the school, it’s still bringing in a lot of attention from the students here at Central.

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