Shake shack opens in Detorit

By Alyssa R

The famous restaurant Shake Shack finally opened its first ever Michigan location in downtown Detroit on Thursday, February 23. The new restaurant is nothing less than amazing and has the city and nearby suburbs going crazy as they make their way to Campus Martius to enjoy some of the wide variety of burgers and shakes.

“The line to order is crazy,” said sophomore Paige Wakeling. “My family and I went over the weekend, for my birthday, and waited for almost two hours! But the food was heavenly and completely worth the wait.”

The inauguration is bringing in huge crowds, all waiting in anticipation to get a taste for the large and greasy city burgers and some amazing shakes. In lieu of this tasty menu, the line is not a concern to these customers at all.

The Shake Shack brings some of the well known big city food to a smaller downtown for all to enjoy. The Shack’s culinary director, Mark Rosin,  told The Detroit News that they chose Campus Martius as the Michigan location because, “I feel like where we’re standing right now almost all roads, north, east, south and west, leads to this area right here.”

This new Shake Shack is giving many Michiganders some of their favorite foods. Sophomore Carissa Hanley said, “I go to Chicago almost every weekend to visit my sister at her school and we always go and eat lunch at the Shake Shack there, and now that there is one closer to home I definitely will be going out to get food there more often.”
The Shake Shack is a favorite for many big city residents, and can soon become yours too, so go out and get some for yourself Central!