Soccer team disappointed by AA Skyline no-show

By: Curran Middleton

Central’s JV B soccer team geared up and made the long drive to Ann Arbor Skyline High School on September 15, only to find that when the team arrived, there was no other team on the field.

Understandably, the coaches and players were disappointed as the team never arrived and the game was not played.  “I was disappointed,” said Coach Joey Miller.  “I wanted our team to play.”  Coach Kai Drake was “disappointed that we all drove out to Ann Arbor on a Friday night to have no game.”

The coaches were able to turn a negative into a positive. “After figuring out that there would be no team showing up, I realized we could turn this into a good thing,” Miller said. He realized that he could help his team learn by scrimmaging the parents and “having fun.”

Number 3, freshman Gabriel Seman, who scored multiple goals over the season was also at the game. Seman said he was “surprised, but happy because the team was able to scrimmage and have fun.”


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