NHS Hosts Blood Drive

By Emily Money

National Honor Society students hosted one of their biannual blood drives for the Red Cross last month. This drive was held on March 14, in the gym.


Many students took advantage of this opportunity to help needy people and support the Red Cross.

On average, these blood drives collect about 50-70 pints. “The blood goes to all local area hospitals,” stated Traci Banjanin, NHS supervisor. Through the
Donations are vital to hospitals and are always needed. Because of this, blood drives are hosted frequently. “We host two drives a year, one in the fall and one in the spring,” said Banjanin. “Sometimes we have a drive in the summer but that depends on whether a student offers to host it and recruit.” Through the Red Cross, these donations can benefit countless people, including accident victims, cancer patients, surgical candidates, and children with blood disorders.

Students that are 16 years old with parent permission, or 17 and older can donate if they are in good health and have a minimum weight. The Red Cross encourages, “If you have never donated blood, please consider doing so. Your donations are always in high demand.”

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