Fans Anticipate Third Season of Sherlock

By Jill Ciampa

BBC has been postponing the date of the newest season of Sherlock for months now. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what will become of their beloved hero and his aid. But now, after the last season ending in early 2012, rumors of filming for the third season are underway.

With season two ending with the death of Sherlock Holmes, fans were shocked to see an image of Sherlock alive in the last few seconds. That left the question, was Sherlock actually dead? Producer Steven Moffat has given no indication of Sherlock’s return.

Moffat had posted a tweet that stated three simple words relating to Sherlock. “Rat. Wedding. Bow.” Fans have tried to decipher the meaning behind these words and connected them to the original Sherlock Holmes stories.

‘Rat’ and ‘Wedding’ have been found matches on new cases, but ‘Bow’ is leaving people with no understanding. There have been rumors about ‘Bow’ being related to Sherlock Holmes final case. Also, other sources rumored that the detective may actually die this time. ‘Bow’ may be another cliffhanger like “The Reichenbach Fall”.

With the written episodes in seasons one and two, there is promise for season three to be even more suspenseful. Sherlock continues to be a fan favorite of BBC’s many television shows and is eagerly expected.

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