Embarrassing Moments

By Alissa Jehl

Everybody has embarrassing moments starting from the day they are born. Whether it be falling in front of your crush or spilling food all over your pants, embarrassing moments occur every day and can feel like the end of the world. The great thing about embarrassing moments is that they give you things to laugh about once the feeling of embarrassment subsides

Even students of every grade level at Walled Lake Central experience these moments throughout their day to day life.

“One day, just a couple weeks ago, I was at the gym when an old woman walked over to me,” explained Junior Giancarlo Figueroa. “She glanced at me for a couple seconds and said ‘come on Jerry, show me to the treadmills Jerry.’”

“At first, I was really confused,” explained Figueroa. “I looked at her and said ‘my name is not Jerry’ but she just kept repeating over and over ‘come on Jerry lets go, let’s go Jerry!”
“Finally I figured, why not just make this old woman happy, it’s not like I have anything better to do, right?”

“Before I could make another comment, the old women grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the treadmills,” Figueroa began to laugh, “and after a few seconds, she was gone! I started shouting ‘Grandma! Grandma’ but she was nowhere to be seen. Everybody in the entire gym started looking at me and I never saw her again.”

“It was really embarrassing; all I was trying to do was help the poor old lady out!”

Embarrassing moments can happen anywhere at any time. They could be at the gym or at school.

“I was in 3rd grade and sitting in class eating a sucker,” said freshman Alexandra Smith. “Well actually, I stole the sucker from this other annoying boy because he stole my sucker and I wanted revenge.”

“Anyway, while eating the sucker I was playing with my hair and someway, somehow I managed to drop my sucker in my hair. A huge knot ball started forming and I couldn’t get it out! My teacher wouldn’t let me leave the classroom and nobody had a hair brush.”

“I tried to play it cool, but then I noticed Jeffery, a boy I had a really big crush on, saw the sucker in my hair,” explained Smith. “I’m pretty sure he stopped liking me after that.”

Embarrassing moments happen from elementary school age, all the way to your years in high school. They are something you can’t avoid, but that is not always a bad thing.

“It was the winter assembly and I was sitting in the bleachers like all the other students,” said sophomore Nate Collins. “The assembly had just ended and I was the first person to stand up to leave.” “Suddenly, I tripped and fell and all of the people around started laughing so hard.”

The classic embarrassing school moments in movies, often happen in real life too.

“So, I was sitting in class last year and we all got up to go to lunch,” said junior Kayleigh Lucy. “I was the first person to walk out to leave, and the class was upstairs so we had to walk down in order to get to lunch.”

“I turned to walk down the stairs, and there was a tear in the rubber on the steps. The next thing I knew, my foot tripped on the rubber and I went flying down the stairs.”

“I twisted and my butt hit every stair on the way down, everybody laughed so hard and I had a huge bruise on my thigh for a really long time.”

Embarrassing moments happen around the world every day. It’s up to the person who is dealt the embarrassing moment whether they allow it to affect them or not. Being embarrassed helps create character and create cute stories that make us who we are.

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